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Are Voodoo Dolls Real And How Do They Work

Voodoo dolls are a prop used by voodoo practitioners in order to cast spells.

What is voodoo magic

Voodoo magic is as old as the African continent. Voodoo religion originated on the shores of West Africa.

Today it is predicted that voodoo magic is used and practiced by people all over the world, most often in Africa, Haiti, the Caribbean, and North America. People use voodoo magic for various things. They are most often used to repair or aggravate someone’s health.

It is particularly represented in the horror movies, and the explanation is very simple – most people are scared of the notion and types of this magic.
Voodoo represents a form of a demonic cult, communication, and invocation of the demon – the devil, who helps the person performing this ritual in achieving his desires.

According to Voodoo, the human soul is made up of two parts: the Great Guardian Angel – the gros bon ange and the Little Guardian Angel – the bon ange, who during the dream or the trance is obsessed with the spirit Loa.

Practicing voodoo magic

We all know very well that several elements are necessary for the performance of the Voodoo ritual. First of all, a doll is needed, which is hand made, and it represents the symbolism of the victim to whom evil, pain, magic … is applied.

Another necessary element is some part of the victim. Voodoo practitioners use hair, fingernails, skin and so on.

In recent days, it has been noted that instead of these elements, a photo of the victim is inserted into the doll, but it does not have a direct connection with the original Voodoo rituals, although some modern writers claim it can be successful.

The one who performs the ritual definitely has to be an enlightened person, with very high visualization capabilities. The damage is done with the power of the mind. Very high concentration is needed for this procedure. This ritual cannot succeed if the person performing it is not enlightened or is new to this art.

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How to make a voodoo doll

Voodoo dolls are one of the most recognized props in the ancient magic art world. Because of them, voodoo magic has become so popular in the world.

A voodoo doll is made for the person that is subject in the spell casting ritual. You can tell the intentions of the spellcaster simply by looking at the shape of the doll.

Voodoo dolls are made from various types of materials such as wax, plastic, clay, plaster, wood, dough and many other materials.

According to the old voodoo tradition, you can use cleaned bones to maximize the effect. These bones are bound with dried roots and certain plants that grow there. When the doll is created, it is associated with the characteristics of the person involved in the ritual.

A voodoo priest then stabs the doll and thereby symbolizes the pain of the person for whom the initiation is done.

The most dangerous voodoo dolls are those made from the bones of a dead person or animal and then filled with earth from a grave. Such dolls can be seen mainly in Haiti. Some people buy these dolls in Haiti and think that through them they can make voodoo magic.

It doesn’t work that way, because the doll is just a prop. In order for the voodoo ritual to succeed, it is necessary to be performed by an experienced voodoo practitioner.

Pagan Voodoo Doll

Other Voodoo dolls

It is a big misconception that such figures are used exclusively in voodoo magic in order to harm someone. The magicians built them manually for centuries and invoked their well-being.

Most people have prejudices about magical puppets because they are mostly associated with dark voodoo rituals.
However, these figures can also be used for the benefit of people, and their task is to encourage positive changes in life.

They used to be made of wax, but nowadays they are often made from playing dough, as well as paper, cloths, dessert dough

The voodoo doll gets power only after the magic ritual during which she receives a personal seal (a hair strand or, in the case of love magic, a lip print with lipstick). It is kept in a safe place, and it should be treated with respect.

When you are done with the doll, you should dismember her and throw her in running water(river or stream). DO NOT throw the doll in the garbage.

Success doll

This figure has the task of providing prosperity and well-being. Make a human figure of green plastic and draw a smile on its head.

Then apply the doll with a thin layer of glue, then roll her in gold or silver colored marbles or buttons and finely chopped dry leaf mint. Cut some hair and glue it on the doll and say these words:

” ‘These buttons do not have to be made of gold, but all of my dreams are being realized. Puppet of success bring me progress! “
The doll is held in the hall, near the front door, in order to attract prosperity into the home.

Money doll

The power of this voodoo doll is aimed at improving your financial situation. It is also made of green plastic, with a smile on her face and a beautiful hair strand on her head.

Then it is placed in a bag, along with a lot of metal coins and a blanket on which the desired amount is printed.

Stand in front of the doll and say:
“‘Doll, bring me this sum, get rid of my financial worries.
Doll, bring me the money I need! “

The doll may be placed in a drawer alongside your bills or placed next to the image of a person in need of financial assistance.
On the day the money arrives, the doll is taken out of the bag and left in a safe place. Repeat the procedure when money is running out again.

Love doll

This doll is made if you need passion and lust in your love life.
On a red fabric, draw two identical human figures, cut them along the edges, sew them with red wool, and leave a hole on the head through which a mixture of chopped rosemary leaves, rosacea rose, and rooted ginger root will be inserted.

Then seal the hole, put some red lipstick and kiss the doll.

After that say:
“‘A doll, a girl of luck, in a puppet of a boy to challenge love!
Combine them with a fiery passion, in perfect harmony we meet”

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Voodoo dolls by Issendai Bechau

Here are some of the reviews:

Nina: The full truth about Voodoo.

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Jojo: Loved it.

I actually really love this book so much, an I’m a practicing witch an I knew very little about Voodoo however, knew way more about Wicca an witchcraft even magician, this book is just excellent for a practioner just starting out in the wonderful ever growing religion of Voodoo ancient as well advance magick African knowledge, I’m African American an Voodoo help me tap into my true potential completely, I thank you for publishing this wonderful book..

Venessa Waldorf: A great source of information.

Voodoo is something that has always caught my attention and I find it really interesting and was very curious on how it is done and if it’s real. This eBook will help you and provide you a better understanding on what Voodoo is all about. A great introduction to it’s history and a well-detailed explanation about it’s nature practice included in this eBook. Rituals and spells are very powerful.

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