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What Is Satanism

Satanism is a philosophy. Ergo, it`s not a religion.

Although we live in a period in which a vast amount of information on a number of topics is easily accessible, there is a vast majority of people who try to find out something new.

Moreover, some of these people would continue to spread propaganda and lies about certain topics, despite the evidence that their narrative is being denied.

One of those subjects is Satanism.

Most people think that it is a religion for people who are twisted, who “recapture” and sacrifice other people, and their work and actions belong to a horror movie. This is wrong.

You can quickly and easily find information on the Internet about the famous Satanic Panic of the 20th century and how various agencies (FBI, etc.) have found that the crimes in question had nothing to do with the true Satanist cult.

“Satanic Panic” is nothing but propaganda.

There is propaganda in our area on today’s “evil Satanist sects” that are just waiting to catch you. The propaganda promoted by “secularists” who do not possess a gram of knowledge about Satanism, let alone the routes and sects belonging (some less, some more, some barely, if at all) to this Philosophy.

Please, investigate and be skeptical afterward.

PS. most of Satanist sects and spiritual routes forbid the sacrifice, rape, and abuse of children. Also, Satan and Demons hate pedophiles, rapists, child torturers, and so on. So it is absolutely pointless to say that these things have to do with Satanism.

There are extremists, but they are not representatives of Satanism. They are a small minority. You have extremists in every movement, every religion, every philosophy.

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What is Satanism?

It’s hard to say because there are so many interpretations, sects, and directions. One thing is certain: Satanism is not a religion, at least not in the classical sense of the word.

Satanism is more philosophy than a religion. Whether you are an atheist Satanist (LaVeev) or a Satanist theist, there is at least one touch point: it is individual, or rather, they all follow the example of Satan.

So, think for yourself, fighting against tyranny, not be afraid of rebellion against authority, general rebellion against dishonest consensus, sharing knowledge (very often “forbidden” knowledge, to great sadness for those who want to keep most people uneducated, stupid and confused) , opposition to dogma, tendency towards self-worship, etc.

This, of course, is the fundamental basis that all Satanists share (or at least try to share it). A person who contains the abovementioned characteristics is not necessarily a Satanist (though some LaVeevans would say otherwise).

As we have said, this is just the basics.
On this basis, the interpretation, knowledge, and relationship with Satan are characteristic.

Atheistic Satanists see Satan more like an archetype or a representation of human carnal nature, while the theistic and spiritual Satanists see Satan as a real metaphysical being with whom they establish a relationship.

Now, this is spreading across multiple sides.

In general, Satanists do not see Satan as the members of the Avram religion see him, but they see him more like Prometheus (as someone noble who bestows divine knowledge on man in order to save him from a tyrannical god and then be punished).

Satanism Types

Satan Book

The Cult of Cthulhu

The cult of Cthulhu is based on the novels of H.P. Lovecraft. They are a small group of people that believe the fictional creature from the novels was real, that will rise and bring death and destruction to all humanity.
Other clan members, see this more philosophical. They believe that people are meaningless in the universe and the universe creation has nothing to do with peoples existence.

Satanic Reds

Satanic Reds believe Satan was born with the creation of the universe. A man named Tani Jantsang is their leader.
He says people must follow their own chakras so they could find that force that is driving them through life.

Satanic Reds resemble the Socialist movement and encourages the workers to stand up and fight for their rights.


Demonolatry is a satanic belief. These people worship demons and seek their help when practicing magic or rituals.

There is this book called “Modern Demonolatry” by S. Connolly that features over 200 demons from different religions. Followers choose demons that most resemble them.

Anti-Cosmic Satanism

Anti-Cosmic Satanism believes that cosmic order created by God is a lie. It is fabricated a lie to hide the truth that everything is in chaos and disarray.

They have a lot of followers. Some of them are celebrities. Vexior 21B and Jon Nodtveidt of the Black Metal band Dissection prefer to see the world in a chaos state as it was intended to be.


Luciferians are a theistic form of satan worshipers. They often see Lucifer as a symbol, rather than a real physical manifestation.

The Latin translation of Lucifer is Light-bringer. People don’t know that Luciferians see Lucifer as an enlightened creature or the one that brings justice and order. Social stigma says that Lucifer is the devil that is best left to Holywood.

Other Satanic types include Esoteric Satanism, Rationalistic Satanism, Reactive Satanism, Transcendental Satanism, Polytheistic Satanism and more.

Not all Satanist sects agree with each other.

There are a large number of Satanists who are not members of any existing direction, but they have their own model, their philosophy and their personal attitudes – someone would say that he is more like the “Satanist” (if we can express that) than being a member of a sect.

Therefore, satanic groups can be very radically different from one another, so it is senseless to try to classify Satanists into one category. Nor is it possible to paint Satanists in the same color, except perhaps all of them striving towards independence.

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