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Rainbow Children Signs And Traits

Rainbow children are the generation that comes after Indigo and Crystal.

Several decades ago, a group of hippies began to study ancient religions on American soil. So they met with an Indian tribesman, member of the Hopi tribe, who gave them the basis for the movement they called “children of the rainbow.”

According to the prophecy of the Hopi tribe, the future of the Earth depends on a tribe made up of people of all colors and races, who will be the only ones able to restore life on our planet after the end of the world(Armageddon).

Rainbow children believe they were the chosen ones.

They think that the world has been for centuries in the expectation of people like them, which in turn represent a whole new generation. They love color and color diversity.

The name “Rainbow children” originates from this because the rainbow has all the colors, which symbolizes the gathering of people with different skin color.

Although we are all different, members of “Rainbow children” feel that there must be no difference and prejudice, only love and family must exist in harmony with nature that surrounds us.

Rainbow children represent the third generation of a special kind of children who came to help the development of humanity. Unlike crystal and indigo children, Rainbow children have a few more interesting features.

They were mostly born in 2000 or later. In some cases, there are several scouts who came to Earth before 2000, who are here today thanks to early crystal scouts born in the 1980s.

Rainbow Children Characteristics

They represent the ultimate culmination of crystals and indigo, described above: stable, conscious, full of love and forgiveness like crystals, strong will and obvious as indigo.

They will be totally fearless in every necessary situation. 100% transparent, radiated by trust and services.

They say for themselves that they respect mother nature in a real way, just as our far-fared ancestors did. What does this mean? It means that food is healthy, and alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden. There is no violence among them. They are peaceful, sensitive and very intuitive.

Beach rainbow children

They radiate calmness, so you feel good when being in their company. They are adjustable. They are born with wisdom and patience.
These kids are different from indigo and crystal children. Namely, although indigo children have a highly developed intuition and ability to manifest, they can be susceptible to the effects of negativity around them.

Not only do they clearly distinguish good from the bad, but they also possess the power to change the energy around themselves (and turn negatively into a positive one).

So what are their characteristics:

  • They love everyone and fear no one;
  • Have a strong will and character, which can be experienced as stubbornness;
  • They are very energetic;
  • Can subtly feel the colors and their shades;
  • They are very creative;
  • They experience with great enthusiasm events that are happening in life;
  • If they need something, they are not afraid to ask;
  • They have complete abilities, which begin to manifest in themselves from an early age;
  • Telepathic abilities;
  • They are often born in families of crystal parents;
  • They have never incarnated before;
  • They do not have karma;
  • They are not born in dysfunctional families.

Rainbow children enjoy their first incarnation. This means that they do not have karma so that they can enjoy life on Earth without any attachment to their past. It also explains why they have such great energy – they do not have any karmic dirt from their previous lives.

They don’t need chaos or problems to balance their karma, they have chosen to live with an absolutely peaceful and harmonious family. They often choose to live with Crystal or Indigo adults.

Check for these signs if you think you belong to this Rainbow group:

  • Were you born in the new millennia?
  • Are you overly brave and sence no fear?
  • Do you think you have what it takes to be a Psychic Medium?
  • Do you have high energy stored in your body?
  • Are people perceiving you as a stubborn person?
  • Do you think you have both male and female energy in you?
  • Are you an Empath?
  • Is your family calm and peaceful?
  • Can you forgive people for doing wrong to you?

Interestingly, the term Rainbow children refer not only to children, that is, to persons of a certain age. On the contrary, with practice and using your intuition, many adults today are changing into Rainbow children.

On the other hand, although this movement officially exists since 1972, a large number of researchers and scientists continue to deny it or call it a sect.

Every star children needs love

Rainbow child family

Although science has yet to prove the existence of specially advanced (if not them, then certainly their abilities), there are specialized schools for the generations of “indigo” and “crystal” children, as well as numerous books – parents’ paraphernalia on how to behave towards this children, and the first films with this topic already appeared. Scientists have also begun to experiment and study these phenomena.

Changes in the way of thinking, behavior or feeling of each generation – are influenced by peers, the media, the environment in which they grow up, but mostly their parents.

However, today’s parents are different than theirs.
Today, fortunately, they are more and more willing to learn from their children and understand parenting as a common growing, interaction.

It is therefore difficult to draw a clear boundary between contemporary generations and “indigo” or “crystal” children.

Bellow, I will post some videos from Youtube on this subject, as well as my favorite audiobook from Amazon.

Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children: A Guide to the New Generations of Highly Sensitive Young People.

Rainbow children on Amazon

Read some of the reviews:

Tanya Fry: grat in site on the kids know and helps people understand them better

Templar_knight_4life: Bought this audio CD for my wife. She has read a lot about the Indigo children and adults. She likes this cd.

Quinc: Well, I was really expecting more. Nearly everything that is covered in the tape is covered in the description of the product. Other then the convience of not having to read – and be able to listen as driving the information wasn’t really new.

Anita Destino: I do not have children but this opens my eyes to my clients who bring their children to me to help with their sensativity.

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