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What Is A Psychic Medium?

What is psychic medium? Is it real? Or is it just a hoax. Maybe this article will help.

Psychics have been around for thousands of years. They have participated in our lives in a lot of ways.

They cast black magic, remove other black magic, helped people find love…

Psychic Mediums through history

Psychics were well respected in ancient Egypt. They give advices to the Pharaoh about everything. From battle strategies to weather predictions. He called upon them whenever he needed guidance about everyday problems. But with great power comes great responsibilities.

Whenever psychics got wrong prediction, they could face jail time or even lose their head.

The beginning of mainstream religions marked stagnation for psychic mediums.

From Roman emperors to Barbaric rulers and Islamic leaders. They all searched for advice with their priests rather than with psychic. It was around this time that psychics were prosecuted and accused of witchcraft.

Nostradamus was probably the most famous psychic medium of all time. His precognition about natural catastrophes and wars give him a legendary status.

Modern era Psychics

Psychics in big city

Today psychics are popular again. People turn to them when religion and the police fail to do their business. It happened more than once for Psychic to find a missing person.

I remember this post on Reddit about a small boy in Boston that got lost in some rural area.

12 hours later a local Psychic found him alive in some rural area outside Boston. That post had around 60k+ upvotes.

Tips to find legit Psychic medium

You can find all kind of psychics on line. Most of them are hoax. Weeklyuniverse.com did some research and found that a lot of ordinary people are hired to work as phone psychics.

It makes me angry that there is people who try to make money this way. Especialy knowing the fact that the people calling this numbers are desperate for answers.

So, it is good to know your Psychic.

Oranum.com is a totally legit site where you can get cheap or free psychic readings. It`s been in the air for years.

All of the psychics have written bio and best of all they have money back guarantee.

Visit these links:

Visiting local Psychic medium

If you want to visit a local Psychic, you need to do some research. Does he have a business in good neighborhood? Or he operates in some small urine soaked alley where you will get mugged even before you enter his shop.

You can Google this Psychic and learn more about him. There are a lot of reviews on Google. Check if he`s flagged as scammer. Or even better, check if he has good reviews from real people.

It is very important to know that this businesses are not regulated by the government. So if you get scammed there is no way for you to get your money back.

Gypsy fortune telling

Do not buy talismans or lucky charms if you don’t think they are absolutely needed. Your local Psychic is a businessman and will try to sell you anything.

Do not tell a lot of personal information. If he`s a proper Psychic he should know a lot of answers.

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