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Occultism Explained In Details

Occultism term comes from the Latin the words occultus which means secret, hidden.

Today, this term is primarily used to denote the phenomena that fall into the sphere of magic, spiritism, rituals, esoterics, but also many other activities that more or less affect the area of ​​the paranormal.

There is much talk about living in a time of enlightenment, a time dominated by exact sciences, when man no longer believes in nonsense in which his ancestors believed, from ignorance.

Of course, this also includes the Occult topic.

However, it is noteworthy that, despite the advancement of technology and the general increase of knowledge, the number of people who are interested in occult activities is increasing rapidly.

It is a rare case when daily newspapers and magazines don’t have a horoscope reading on their pages. Or a page that explains astrology signs.
Newspapers are full of ads that offer various services from Clairvoyant readings to Psychic mediums.

It is not a surprising fact that the French spend more money on Psychic readings, on those who deal with magic and expulsion of demons, than for scientific research!

How Occultism started

The answers to the above dilemmas will be based on the writings from the Bible, logical conclusion, and some sociological research.

How occultism started

From the biblical perspective, at the very beginning of all things, when God created the universe and the beings that inhabited it, everything was good, perfect in every segment.

Angels were created, like some sort of God’s honorable saint who followed Him and surrounded His throne, as well as other wonderful and intelligent beings that were in various planets in the universe. There was no pain, suffering, and death.

However, anthropological evidence says that Occultism appeared around 10 000 BC. People made all sorts of puppets, they draw sun pictures whenever they wanted to have more rain and so on.

This was not tied to a certain geographical location. We can find ancient drawings and Occultism practicing from Russia, throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Is Occultism Good

The interest of people for occult practices is growing. This is an interesting paradox because a modern man, in spite of all his technical and scientific achievements, turns to a completely non-disciplinary discipline.

This phenomenon only speaks of the existence of a great spiritual vacuum within the soul of today’s people, and of his need and the desire to fulfill it.
Occult books are one of the best-selling books today.

There are also various magazines, films and music, and in recent years, the Internet. This great interest in occultism has also contributed to the movement of the New Age, the main goal of which is the creation of a new neo-pagan religion, a new society (New World Order).

So to give you a short answer to the question: No, occultism is not good. At least not in the eyes of the mainstream religions. You see, the Bible very clearly takes an attitude as to such practices, and explicitly condemns them all.

God created man to live in communion with Him, so that man would belong only to Him. For this reason, God has the right to determine the rules for us to live.

The Word of God clearly states that dealing with occult practices is part of Satan’s strategy, whose ultimate goal is the sedition of man, the obsession of man and his destruction, so that man will be forever lost to God-his Creator.

Occultism And Esotericism

cross and the occult

The concepts of esoteric and occultism are closely interconnected, but in spite of a multitude of common components, they can not be completely equalized. It’s about two different things.

Esotericism builds on this ancient occult heritage and builds upon large, learning systems and abstract speculations, closer to philosophy than to religion.

Esotericism comes from the Greek word esoterein, meaning an external way into the interior or simply put general interior.

At the same time, it is a form of cognition, a worldview and a way of life.
According to esotericism, true knowledge is not acquired by analytical mind or scientific research, but by inner enlightenment, clairvoyance, and the introduction into a secret spiritual doctrine.

It preaches a set of principles and teachings that presuppose the unity of the universe and the connection of everything in it.

The path of esotericism is clear: it enters into its own interior in order to reach through special knowledge a special form of enlightenment and personal salvation. This requires a strict initiation procedure.

Some people know about this secret science, and others do not (but today there is a tendency that “secret science” is increasingly being offered on the market of religious and pseudo-religious “products”).

Esoteric teaching says that only wisdom saves, and not faith, as soon as esotericism equates with gnosis.

Esotericism and Occultism Differences

tree in the dark

Esotericism is more of a system and an ideology, while occultism is the sum of facts, skills, and actions.

There is also the reverse: in the broader sense, every esotericism necessarily involves occultism, because its spiritual influence extends to the whole of nature and space.
M. Eliade considers that esoteric and occultism are two branches of the same tree. Some believe that esotericism is just a theory, and occultism is the real deal.

What do Occultists do?

  • Communicating with celestial beings, ghosts, sublances (for example by means of spiritistic media or channeling)
  • Getting in touch with your ‘higher self’ and improving it (yoga and meditation)
  • Manipulating people or circumstances in order to achieve their desired goal (magic or return)
  • Seeking hidden knowledge (for example, ESP – extra-sensory perception, gossip)

Occultism And The Bible

The Bible mentions certain forms of occultism in different places. Principally, in Deuteronomy 18: 13-13, the occult activities of the Canaanites at that time were described.

Such actions are viewed by God as horrors and abominations, and that was the reason why God drove the Canaanites out of Palestine.

Biblical passages do not mention all existing occult activities. The Old Testament writers concentrated on certain practices that the Israelites faced in the Canaanite country.

Some people see similarities in charismatic Christianity and occultism, as they both claim to have a supernatural insight that arises from supernatural power.

But one from the other is fundamentally different in origin and motive. For the Christians, the Holy Spirit is the source. Occultists draw power from unknown forces or demons, manipulating reality without God’s approval.

In the case of such occult or modern words, Christians should be careful about paranormal things. Those dealing with magic and manipulative magic will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Cause And Effect

ghosts and humans

Dealing with any form of occultism is neither harmless nor safe. Every loan we take, we get with a signature that confirms that we will return it with interest. Satan is ready to issue a loan, but without exception, earlier or later, he charges it with unbearably large interest rates.

You can read more about this on my post about Satanism.

Some of the consequences are mental discomfort, constant dissatisfaction, suicidal thoughts, loss of faith in God, or repulsion to the divine truth, etc.
Personally, I knew people who ended up in psychiatric clinics, and before that, they were intensely engaged in occultism.

What may seem simply unbelievable, but real, is an obsession with demons, a state in which these evil beings are largely taking control of the human mind.

Nevertheless, undoubtedly, the most horrible consequence of dealing with occultism, spiritism, worship, and all such activities is God’s condemnation-eternal and ultimate death.

Those who deal with this often feel superior, the Satanists, think that Satan will always help them, that they will eventually win with his help.
But Satan himself knows that he is lying to himself and to them and that he has no opportunity to overcome his Creator who can destroy.

Well, at least that’s what the Bible says.

Bellow, I will post some videos on this subject as well as my favorite book from Amazon.

The Black Arts: A Concise History of Witchcraft, Demonology, Astrology, and Other Mystical Practices Throughout the Ages (Perigee)

Occultism book on amazon

Read some of the reviews bellow:


Great read for those interested in the occult. It’s a basic intro to various aspects of the occult, this is not an in depth analysis or historical book. Several reviews state that this isn’t in depth enough, but if you actually take the time to read what you’re buying you could have easily figured out this is an exploratory book. This is a CONCISE history of the occult, if you don’t know what the means I would suggest a dictionary before purchasing this book.

The books touches on various branches of the occult such as witchcraft, spells, numerology, astrology, alchemy, kabbalah, tarot, charms, and summoning and control of spirits. It provides an insight to these topics but does not explore them fully.


This is great resource for those looking to get a general perspective on different occult practices. It covers general magic ritual, numerology, astrology, witchcraft, alchemy, and more.

Because it covers so much, it doesn’t go into detailed analysis, but rather an overarching explanation of the basics and philosophies. This is a very good academic resource and it is written in neutral voice. It has some really neat historical references too. Some good visual aids included as well. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in occult topics.

Note: The numerology section was a little rough to get through, but I think that was a topic issue, not necessarily the writing itself.


I read this when I was younger but decided to read through it again. It’s well written, clear, conscience and a great read. It’s a must have for anyone who studies different religions or the occult. Even my fiance – who isn’t interested in the occult much at all – wants to read it when I’m finished re-reading it.

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