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Is Telekinesis Real?

Have you ever wondered is Telekinesis real? I have some thoughts to share with you.

Telekinesis or psychokinesis is the ability to move objects with the power of mind or with our mental strength. The concept of psychokinetic comes from the Greek word psyche (spirit, life, soul) and kinein (move). The word tele means distant.

Telekinesis research began in the 30s of the 20th century. After 1945, Psychokinesis was divided into macro-psychokinesis and micro-psychokinesis.

Macropsychokinesis covers all those cases where the naked eye can detect the effects, eg bending metal objects.

Micropsychokinesis effects are invisible, so they are measured by various instruments or are the result of statistical analysis.

Moving objects with telekinesis can be in a form of levitating or bending, all that while we realize the fact that there is actually no physical contact with these objects, so we wonder what causes it to move?

The latest knowledge of the universe and the world tells us that we live in a vibrational world, where everything vibrates, oscillates …

A lot of thins can happen, which we neither notice nor can we understand the current state of our consciousness. To think that what we don’t notice does not exist, it means limiting our own growth and the possibility of a deeper understanding of the world.

We notice that the whole world is moving by the fact that the Earth is moving around the Sun, and the Sun is moving through the universe.

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A lot of energy moves through the universe too. Even though we see it as an empty and static vacuum.

Imagine how many thoughts your brain generates daily. Every thought, as well as body and cell, has its own vibration and power.
But achieving something like Telekinesis or as some are calling it Psychokinesis, is not that easy.

Since the main processor in our body is the mind, it is very important the state in which we are maintaining him. For example, the brain in the beta state (state of tension and stress) is not able to achieve Telekinesis, while it is possible in its alfa state.

So to give you an answer to the question Is Telekinesis real? Yes, it is.

If we observe quantum physics in a telekinesis context, we can conclude that human consciousness is real.

Niels Bohr thus proved the principle of ambiguity in which the dual properties of electrons are in the way that if we look at it as a wave, it will be a wave, and if we observe and measure it as a particle – it will behave as a particle.

At the time of experimenting, we get some answer, but some statements are “thrown out” in response to the question. So when our brain looks at something and knows he’s watching it – then he’ll see it.

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