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15 Clairvoyant Signs To Interpret

Clairvoyant signs to interpret to check if you have this ability. Bonus: Clairvoyant TEST.

If you ever had that feeling that something will happen or you can anticipate some event, then there is a possibility that you have a “third eye”.
What you believed was just a strange feeling or thought could, in fact, have a much deeper meaning. It may be a sign that you are Clairvoyant.

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You can feel when your child is in trouble, you think of a person, and that person is calling you on the phone, you touch someone and you already know where that person is and what he is dealing with, as well as his/her entire past. If you have any of these indicators then you may have Clairvoyant abilities.

Think of a Clairvoyant ability as a gift. The universe gifted you this power and you should use it. Don’t be ashamed of it. People don’t understand and will never will.

15 Clairvoyant signs

  1. You have a feeling that the phone will ring, and who will be on the other line.
    However, this only applies to a situation where you have not heard that person for a long time, especially if this situation happens often.
  2. You can sense when your child or someone who is very close to you is in trouble.
    Here, it does not mean the usual care parents have for their children or close relatives, but about the strong feeling that something bad has happened, which eventually turns out to be correct. These cases are recorded between parents and children, spouses, relatives and, of course, twins.
  3. Places you have never before visited seem familiar.
    If you happen to come to a house where you have never been before, and all of its objects seem familiar, then you may have the Clairvoyant gift.
  4. Dreams become reality.
    If you often dream about yourself, close people or some situations that become real, then you may have this gift. Clairvoyance dreams are allegedly different from ordinary dreams. They are lucid, more detailed, and more convincing.
  5. Getting information about a person just by touching.
    Do you know details about a person like who he/she is? Where is he/she from? Is he/she happy or sad? Although there is a possibility that you are only very insightful, there is a chance that you have a special perception of power and that you are Clairvoyant.
  6. You tell your friends regularly what will happen and this really happens.
    When you know a person and her habits well, it is not very strange to anticipate what might happen to her. But if it happens that you have a strong feeling that something unexpected will happen to close people and this really does happen, it could be a sign of clairvoyance or clairaudience.
  7. You get deja vu.
    Although deja vu happens a lot of time to a lot of people, it can be an indicator of you possessing a psychic ability.
  8. You have sensations on the third eye (between the eyebrows).
    Your third eye is located between your eyebrows, and if you occasionally experience burning or pressure at that place, it is possible that your chakras are open and you are getting supernatural signals.
  9. Experiencing psychometry.
    Psychometrics is the ability to touch a person or object and to see their past. If you have that gift, you have a higher signal that other people do not have.
  10. Your senses are very sharp.
    Do you hear the faintest sounds or see the bright spots in the corner of the eye that no one else sees? People who are seeing and hearing above the average usually have enhanced senses which can indicate a psychic ability.
  11. You have very vivid dreams.
    If you have potentially psychic abilities, then you can sleep and experience dreams with deep meanings, such as pregnancy, birth, illness.
  12. When someone is negative, hypersensitivity occurs.
    You just do not tolerate bad news and bad people because they put too much negative energy on you, for which you can not sleep for days.
  13. You feel extreme empathy.
    Not only do you listen to someone else’s problems, but you also experience them with that person. You feel their sorrow, anger, and happiness. You get their emotions. You may even feel all this and when they are not right next to you, which can be a great indicator of clairvoyance.
    For more on empathy and EMPATH powers read the highlighted word.
  14. You have a synthesis.
    This is the ability to connect a person you just meet with places, scents, or objects. Synthesis is scientifically proven, but it can lead to some other abilities …
  15. You feel telepathy.
    The connection of your mind with another’s mind happens occasionally, even though you have not spoken a word. That’s one great indicator that there really is more into you.

Bonus Clairvoyance Signs

  • As a child, I lived in my “own” world and talked with other beings.
  • In my family, there are people who have inexplicable medial abilities.
  • In search of explanations for my ability to see, anticipate, “seeing” the invisible, I have been interested in old learning and traditions.
  • Artificial supplements to foods and chemicals affect the reduction of my perception, feeling and “seeing” things.
  • When I see people or animals suffering, I find it very difficult to cope.
  • Lies “do not go hand in hand” with my philosophy, and sometimes it’s hard for me to adapt to the environment.
  • I recognize people who want to subtly manipulate other people and I avoid them.
free clairvoyant test

Clairvoyant Test


In the order of the questions, you need to select one of the four options (answers) that most closely match your personal profile and personality. Finally, check the RESULTS of the test.


  1. For you, clairvoyance first of all means:
    a) A little light on the control panel of the car signaling that you are running out of gasoline.
    b) That people who “see” have more intuitions than other mortals.
    c) Ability to anticipate events.
    d) A topic to which some people pay great attention.
  2. The word “future” for you means:
    a) Science fiction.
    b) Tomorrow.
    c) Something that will occur, which can be clearly seen or foreseen.
    d) New events that will inevitably occur.
  3. You are at your friend’s house. After dinner, a list of cards appears:
    a) You will start building a tower in the middle of the table.
    b) You propose a high-stakes poker game.
    c) “Watching” in the charts so that everyone can see their future and you give them good advice.
    d) You will propose a social game, only if others are up for it.
  4. Believing that you are Clairvoyant, a friend asks you to predict his future. You will:
    a) You will only tell him the familiar and sad things about his present situation.
    b) You will only tell him the most beautiful things without many dives.
    c) You will immediately tell him everything since you really “can see” and convince him that all things will be solved very easily.
    d) You will tell him openly that he is in great mischief, and that you cannot predict his future.
  5. The Vatican condemns anyone who is “looking” into the future:
    a) This is justified.
    b) It is a mistake to forbid anyone to find out their true destiny.
    c) Unbelievable, however, religion and parapsychology interweave.
    d) This is a form of repression, it is not necessary to impose stigma on anyone.
  6. You have met one person who attracts you very much and it seems to you that you met her before:
    a) You must have “met” it in one of your erotic dreams.
    b) You saw her at a time when you could not react.
    c) It is possible that in a past life you were lovers.
    d) It is possible that you met her at a gathering where there were many people.
  7. Your favorite animal is:
    a) Cow.
    b) Snake.
    c) Cat.
    d) Dog.
  8. It is important for you to be close to your family:
    a) To be appreciated, money is not always crucial.
    b) You can always count on their help.
    c) Help them if they are in trouble.
    d) A family should stick together.
  9. A person seeking help from a psychic is:
    a) Limited or stupid.
    b) Naive.
    c) Curious or uncertain.
    d) It has some problems, superstitious.
  10. In addition to Clairvoyance, you would also like to have another gift:
    a) Telekinesis.
    b) Power of hypnosis.
    c) Healing power.
    d) The power of magnetism.
clairvoyance test


Most responses to “a”:
For you, life is deprived of every puzzle, mystery or esotericism. You only believe in what you see with your eyes, and you prefer to live without additional competing, which might bring psychic or similar issues into your life. You insist on evidence and tangible facts, you sometimes act too rigidly and intolerantly for different opinions or visions of the world. Unfortunately, you reject the possibility of differentiation, which is based on different quality and life experience.

Most responses under “b”:
Basically, you are cunning, calculating. You would use the possibility of clairvoyance and all of its imitations to purposefully reach your goal and satisfy yourself, in such a way by defrauding gullible and naive you would profit from their beliefs. It’s normal for you to “crawl” and use your skills in the direction that delivers your goals (the goal justifies the asset).

Most responses under “c”:
You are a great altruist, you are a servant and genuinely gifted, and you rely on your intuitive abilities and on the inner “gift”. Your primary goal is to help your neighborhood with good advice, your opinions, and expert predictions. You are deeply convinced of the positive side of fateful interpretations and auxiliary influences, and that esotericism rules the world. Nobody can convince you that clairvoyance is not effective and bogus.

Most answers under “d”:
You behave reasonably, you feel safe when you can explain everything by cause-and-effect relationship and the laws of logic. You believe in your power of judgment, established facts, concrete phenomena, evidence, material indicators. You deny the possibility of anticipating events and do not allow someone to change your image of the world or the conception you have. Despite this attitude, you are tolerant enough, respecting others, their opinion. You accept their way of life and their thinking that is significantly different from yours.

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