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Do you want to know where you can find wholesale magic tricks? Read our article and you will know.

Magic have always fascinated us. Even before the introduction of the mainstream religions, people used and worshiped magic.

Then the dark ages comed, and it become really dangerous to practise magic.

Especialy if you were a woman in England at that period. Witch hunting was wide spread, and if you were caught praticing magic, you will get burned alive in front of a torch and pitchfork mob.

Then comed the industrial revolution in 19th century and suddenly practicing magic become safe again for all those magic tricks geeks.

Afterwards, the 20th century comed and we had a boom of Magiceans, Ilusionists, and Mentalists.

Probably the best known of all was Harry Houdini. He patented a lot of magic tricks and ilusions that modern magiceans can`t crack to this day.

Where you can find wholesale magic tricks

Although our magician tricks often leave us in disbelief, most people realize that there is a logical explanation for each and now you can see what lies behind the 12 greatest illusions.

David Copperfield is a master of dissapearing, but when, instead of the usual rabbits, a national monument weighing over 200 tons disappears, this is something else. A few moments after the Statue of Liberty disappeared from the audience, a simple solution was discovered.

Youtube is always a free place to go if you want to find wholesale magic tricks.

It has millions of videos for you to choose. A lot of world famous magicians and mentalists started on youtube.

“With youtube I find brand new world to show my skills.” This is what Dynamo said to discovery channel.

Another awesome place to find discount on magic trick is Amazon. It has a lot of e-books about this stuff.

Do not underestimate the power of ebay either.

If you want to get out of your digital world, then do some research about magician course in your home town.

If you want to know what is mentalism or how mentalists read minds click on the links.

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