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Today I will write about what is Telekinesis? Is it real? Or is it a hoax?

In its strict definition Telekinesis is the ability to move or bent objects only with the power of our mind.

Scientist still argue about Telekinesis and the possibility of it`s existence.

The interesting thing is that there are milion facts and examples that disprove the existence of this mystic power. At the same time there are equal amount of examples where science can`t understand how people seem to move objects with their mind.

I have a confession to make. I am a SCI-FI geek. I watch a lot of sci-fi movies.

What is Telekinesis

The first time I heard about Telekinesis is when I watched Star Wars in the 90`s. It has this Telekinesis champ named Yoda(yep, that Yoda), who not only moved rocks with the power of his mind, but he was able to pull a space ship from a swamp.

Take that young YOUTUBE watching generation.

Back to reality.

What is Telekinesis?

As I said it before, Telekinesis or Psychokinesis is the ability of a person to influence physical system without physical interaction.

It is important to point out that this ability is labeled by the scientists as a Pseudoscience. But hey, the scientist did think that there is only one galaxy – the Milky Way. So what do they know. I will leave it for you to judge.

Telekinesis comes from the Greek words tele (distance) and kinesis (motion).

It was first used by one Russian psychic researcher named Alexander Aksakof in the late 18th century.

Speaking of Telekinesis, the most prominent of human paranormal or extra-perverse abilities is still to ask the question, “Do you really believe that?

Psycho-kinesis (the movement of objects remotely with the power of the mind) destroys a steady, rational image of the world of a modern man and gives him a sense of uncertainty and even fear. The same discomfort is caused by other unusual abilities: reading thoughts, clairvoyance, anticipating the future and so on.

J. B. Rhine, one of the pioneers of modern parapsychology, proved with numerous repeated experiments the existence of various paranormal abilities, including Telekinesis.

Experimenters in his experiments tried to influence the targets of the gambling dice solely with the power of the mind.

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Is Pyrokinesis real?

Some of the test persons exceeded the probability level with their results, although they did not have significant paranormal abilities.

So far, only three persons have shown advances with their paranormal abilities, which were scientifically studied: Russian Nina Kulagina (1926-1990), Uri Geller (1946) and French Jean-Pierre Girard (1942).

All three were gifted differently. Geller and Girard carried out psycho-kinetic experiments with less effort. With the power of their mind, they rolled up various metal objects: cutlery, keys, metal rods and others. This ability was called PKMG by scientists, which is the English abbreviation for the Psychokinetic metal twisting.

Nina Kulagina`s performance was more selective and more precise, but she could also perform more complex and diverse psycho-kinetic assignments.

First researcher that studied Nina Kulagina was renowned Russian scientist dr. Edward Naumov.

In one of the experiments that he conducted in his laboratory, he used matches across the table and asked for Nina to move them only with the power of her mind.

Nina Kulagina on Mentalism Hood
Nina Kulagina
foto: Wikipedia

There were some journalists present at the time of the experiment who did not know anything about what is Telekinesis. They were stunned to see Nina moving the matches around the table.

The most interesting part, the matches were bellow big plexiglass lid.

You should know that this kind of experiments in the big old Soviet Union were tough for the individual.

Conditions were horrible. She lost few pounds and was temporarily blind after each experiment.

Uri Geller – famous Telekinesis guy

From childhood, Uri Geller has shown various extrasensory abilities: clairvoyance, telepathy, hypnotic suggestion, psycho-psychosis. When he was just six years old, he noticed that he could read his mother’s thoughts, and with thirteen years he could lock and unlock various keyholes  with concentrated thoughts.

Uri Geller on Mentalism Hood
Uri Geller

Since he was also very gifted for public speaking, he began to act in clubs and discotheques early in the 1970s and soon became very popular in Israel.

When American Parapsychologist Andrija Puharic heard about Uri, he got on to a plane and booked a flight to Israel.

Although Puharić initially had Geller for a skilled handicapped, he changed his opinion when he had several laboratory tests with him.

Geller was often  hypnotised and in this state he claimed that his powers were the result of a meeting with an alien when he was three years old and that he continued to be in contact with them.

I hope you liked my post about what is Telekinesis.

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