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fire starting with Pyrokinesis

Pyrokinesis is the ability to control, ignite and manipulate fire. It comes from the Greek word πυρ wichmeans fire, and κίνησις wich means moving. In its rough translation it means moving fire.

Pyrokinesis become famous with Hollywood.

We all grew up watchin Marvel and DC comics. They had a tons of superheroes that can manipulate fire.

Fire has always had a special place in human lifes. The prehistoric human depended on fire. He used it to stay warm and cook his food.

Ancient Greeks gave a special place to the fire. They think of it as a gift from god. Prometeus stole the fire from Zeus, and gave it to the people. The wrath of gods was epic. They chained Prometeus to a rock as a punishment for his actions, and was left there for all eternity. Eventualy Hercules saved him from his suffering.

The modern culture embraced Pyrokinesis, when Stephen King wrote the book Firestarter.

It is still up to debate is Pyrokinesis real. I am a Forestry Engineer. And let me tell you. When we learned about forest fires in college, we learned about Osborne triangle. The science behind forest fires states that in order to have fire, you need to have this 3 things in order.


You need to have ignition. A lighter,gasoline or something similar. When I think it trough, starting a fire without ignition, or something to cause the fire, is breaking Newton 3 law. You cannot have a reaction without action.


We have this a lot on this planet. Unless you are thinking of starting a fire in space. Then it would not be possible.

Burning material

Obviously, you need something to burn and sustain the fire. In the forest that is the trees and some leafs on the ground.

Back to our Pyrokinesis thing.

Pyrokinesis psychic power

Can the Osborne triangle be applied to Pyrokinesis. Short answer no. You do have a burning material. Your hands, legs, body… The human body is flammable, thanks to the natural oils and hair that is on it.

So as far as burning material is concerned, CHECKED.

Oxygen, no problem.You can get that anywere above sea level.

Now we came to starting the actual fire. HOUSTON we have a problem.

With Pyrokinesis you should be able to start a fire without lighter. But that breaks the Osborne triangle and Newton`s third law(action-reaction). So strictly as a science thing, no it is not possible.

But hey. Science is built to be broken. Heck. We have this guy that opened the sea and flooded Egypt with frogs. Physics would not agree with this. We have Jesus that resurrected from his grave. Biology does not like that either.

Then there is this thing that scientists around the world confirmed. It is called spontaneous human combustion.

Spontaneous human combustion (SHC) is a term for the concept of the combustion of a living (or recently deceased) human body without an apparent external source of ignition. Wikipedia.

There are a lot of cases in which humans burned to death without any source of fire. This breaks the physics law, but it has happened in a dozen of cases.

Back to our Pyrokinesis topic.

Now I will write about some of the techniques I have read on the internet trought the years.

Lightning up a candle

To do this safely, you should be able to extinguish the fire before you begin to create it. Place both your hands in, so that the palms are directed towards about 1.5 centimeters from each side of the flame of the candle and direct your energy to the flame. This is extremely advanced and you have to have a powerful aura. Try to concentrate on the black energy between your palms where the flame should be.

Turn off the candle. Put both hands in, so that the palms are directed towards about 1.5 centimeters from each side of the candle holder, which should be blunt.

Direct the energy from your chakra to your hands and concentrate the intense heat on the grill of the candle and then turn it on. Try to concentrate on white hot energy, between your palms. The spark, will begin to shine harder and eventually, it will light up.

Turn off the flame, concentrate the energy between your palms on the spark and the candle plate and direct it to the flame again.

Candle is Pyrokinesis real

With enough energy in the chakras on the hands and concentration, it will reappear.

As you progress, divide your palms more and more from each other.

When you are able to start with the split palms up to 1 meter, concentrate on igniting the candle flame without sparkling.

Spread your aura and connect it with the flame of the candle. The candle should be about thirty centimeters or less in front of you. Connect your aura and extinguish the flame.

Once you become experienced, do the same thing again.

When you are able to use only your aura to light up the flame of the candle, spread your aura and connect it with an object about 30 centimeters or less in front of you and project the heat as you did with your palms. As you progress, move the object further and further.

Instead of performing just a meditation of emptiness, the exercise above can be a substitute because it requires an intense, targeted concentration.

I personaly haven’t tried this Pyrokinesis technique, but it made a lot of upvotes and comments on Reddit.

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