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Mentalism with cards is a skill that can be learned. You just need to be patient and persistent.

Harry Lorayne in his book Reputation Makers says: “Quite frankly, I believe that if you can do one good card control, one good palm and one good double lift (in that order), you can do miracles for laymen.”

To start mentalism with cards, we should be able to naturally mix, share and hold a deck of cards. As a person who regularly performs card tricks, I can confirm that I use the above-mentioned things on a daily basis.

The thing I use when I learn a new effect is to split the effect or routine into smaller parts and learn it part by part.

This method is very useful for effects or moves that require a lot of exercises, such as Snap Deal, Pass, Top Shot…

Mentalism with cards basics

First, you need to split the effect or the routine into smaller parts, look at which moves are used for every piece of trick or routine.

As far as moves are concerned (for example), Double Lift is a move that I am doing every day and. I recommend it to you as well. Take the cards with you, practice on the way to school or on the way to work. It will be very helpful if you want to learn the basics of mentalism with cards.

The way I’m preparing the trick is the following: Exercise on me, watching corners on the mirror and performing for someone.

       Exercise on myself

       Watching the corners of the mirror

       Performing for someone

When I’m sure that I tugged enough on myself, that is, I realized how the effect works.

The next paragraph is the angles (the most important part). I did not skip this step, it occurred to me that for some routine I spend hours and hours in front of the mirror, checking every corner.

After this, it only remains that the acquired knowledge is passed on to the audience.

Another thing I use while learning effects is the Vinh Giang’s method.

To make learning easier, Vinh tells us to divide the process into three items: Sight, Sound and sync.


Vinh talks more about this at his seminar.

Appearance. It`s all about the show and the appearance says, Vinh. You need to be well dressed. Also, you need to radiate trust. Mentalism is not cheap tricks that anybody can learn from Youtube. It is about a higher state of mind than that of the observer.


The story must be interesting for the audience. Nobody wants to see a Mentalist that can sleep-talk you in 5 minutes.

The story must be convincing, interesting and above all, interactive.


Synchronization includes the above two items in one. Did we go the desired product by connecting sound with sight?

Does the whole story make sense? Was there a moment when the appearance and the sound did not agree?

This was some of the basics of Mentalism with cards. If you want an example on Mentalism tricks for beginners you can read on the highlighted post.

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