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Mentalism tricks for beginners

Mentalism tricks can be easy to learn and cool to perform. In this guide I will show you some tricks that you can learn fast. It will be awesome to amaze your friends.

Mentalism takes time to master. There are people that had devoted their entire life in mastering this art. In order to become a professional mentalist you will need to spend a lot of time practicing, and spend a lot of money in order to master this art.

But as a free-time beginner you can start with these cool tricks.

Mentalism tricks

The Elephant from Denmark trick

This is an awesome trick that is easy to learn.

You need to ask your audience to think of a number from 1-10. Get them to multiply that number by 9. Then get them to add that digits of that number together. Then tell them to get that number and subtract 5. You need to know that the number will always be 4.

Example: Number 6; Multiplied by 9 equals 54; 5+4=9; 9-5=4.

Next you need to ask the audience to assign each letter of the alphabet to a number. Since the fourth letter from the alphabet is D, you ask them to think of a European country that starts with that letter.

Denmark will be everybody`s guess since it’s the only European country that starts with that letter.

Then tell them to take the original number and add 1 to it. Tell them to find the corresponding letter in the alphabet. That would be E. Next tell them to think of a circus animal that starts with that letter. All of them will think of an elephant.

Great. You`re all set up. Now tell them they have an elephant from Denmark inside their head and watch their jaws dropping to the floor.

It would be even better if you write elephant from Denmark on a piece of paper and show to your audience without saying a single word.

Card counting trick

For this trick you need a deck of cards. Make sure that you remember the 10th card from the bottom. Let`s say it`s 8 of diamonds. Now tell your subject to name a number between 10 and 20. Let`s say he choose the number 16. Tell him to add the two numbers from 16. 1+6=7.

Now count seven cards from top.The seventh card will be 8 of diamonds.

It is always fun to make up a little story about the card that you are holding. It gives a more personal touch.

Tip: This trick doesn`t work if your subject choose the number 10 or 20. If by some chance he choose one of this numbers, tell him that you said BETWEEN 10 and 20. He will usually smile and pick a different number.

The baffling pens trick

You need some paper and three identical pens with different ink color.

Firstly show him the pens. Let him see that they have different inks. Take the pens and ask your subject to pick one pen. Then take that pen and place it behind your back, and mark a little bit on your thumb.

Give the pen to your subject. Secretly see what color is marked on your thumb. Tell him what colour is the pen and let him see for himself. He will be amazed I guarantee you. You can see this trick in the video above starting from 3:08.

The book test trick

For this trick you need a book with 180-200 pages and a business or regular playing card. Firstly show the book to your subject. Let him hold the book and see that is a normal plain book. Do the same with the card.

Give the book to the subject and let him choose any page. Let`s say he chooses 139(you don`t know this yet). Let him place the card on that page like a bookmark.  Tell him to remember the last word from that page. In our example that word is OUT. Get the book back.

Now talk some stuff like history of Mentalism, who do you think is the best Mentalist of all time, something about Mentalism tricks and so on…

 While you are talking to him, riffle through the book. The page that is bookmarked with card will open.Check quikly for page number and the last word of the page. You need to do this quick. Maybe you will need to practice a bit before performing such Mentalism tricks.

Give the book back to your subject. Tell him that the bookmark is set to page 139 and that the last word of that page is OUT.

Mentalism tricks like this are great for beginners because it builds confidence.

You can find this trick in the video above starting from: 5:05

Mentalism trick with a box

This is an awesome Mentalism trick. You will read the minds of your audience. It is not that difficult. Trust me on this one.

For this trick you will need a box and an object inside her. Let`s say a deck of playing cards. You will need scissors, some paper and an envelope with a trap sleeve. You can see how this envelope looks in the video above.

Write playing cards on a piece of paper and put it behind the trap sleeve. The audience must not see this.

Tell your audience to write some objects on the paper (or on a sticky note if you have any). It should be an object that they believe is inside the box. Gather the notes and put them in the envelope in front of the trap sleeve.

Now entertain your audience with some questions about Mentalism tricks just to create some hype.

Now open the envelope and pull out your paper from behind the trap sleeve. Don’t show it yet to your audience.

Pull out the paper or the sticky notes that were written from your audience. This is just to show them that their answer is still there and that you did not change the envelope.

On some of them will say pan, on other phone…

Show them your paper that says playing cards. Get someone from your audience to open the box. Show the open box to your audience. There you go. Your audience is amazed.

These Mentalism tricks for beginners are easy to learn.

Dice prediction – Mentalism trick

This is an epic Mentalism trick. Tell your subject that you will predict what numbers the dices will show after a vigorous shuffle. You can tell them that you were offered a good amount of money from some gamblers to tell them this trick.

All you need is 4 dices, glue, a matchbox, pen and some paper.

Glue two of the dices on the bottom of the matchbox. It doesn`t matter what numbers will be on the dices. Obviously, your subject will be oblivious of this. Next, put the other two dices inside of the matchbox and start shaking them. Write the numbers from the glued dices on a piece of paper.

Give the paper to your subject. Next, tilt the matchbox in a direction that will hide the unglued dices, and will show only the glued dices. The number of dices should match the numbers on your paper.

This is an easy Mentalism trick to perform. It may look simple now that you know how it`s done. But think of the reaction of your subject. He will be in a “ let`s scam Casions” mode.

Mind reading trick

This is also a great trick if you are a beginner. All you need is some dices and a box that is roughly their size.

Tell your subject to put the dices whatever they want inside the box, and to remember the numbers that are on the dices.Take the dices ant put them behind your back. Take the lid and put it from the side.

Bring the box in front of the spectator. As far as he is concerned, the box is still closed because that`s what he sees. Put the box in front of your forehead. Try to do your “i`m reading your mind” face. That is if you have one. See what numbers are on the box. Next get the box behind your back and put the lid to the top. Give the box to your subject and tell him the numbers from the dices.

He will be all like “whoa how did you do that”.

I hope you liked my post about Mentalism tricks for beginners.

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