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Have you ever wondered how does Mentalism work? We will answer this question today.

Let me tell you. It is a skill that is not easy to master. There are around 20 or something classy Mentalists around the world. They have dedicated their entire life in understanding how does Mentalism work.

But, the good thing is that it can be learned. As in any other subject, you need to be passionate and spend a lot of time in order to be considered a Mentalist.

The good thing is that in these days there are a lot of blogs and youtube channels that will help you in your quest, that is understanding how does Mentalism work.

Can Mentalists read minds?

This is up to a debate. Many scientists will tell you that the human mind cannot be read. But I disagree.

I have seen it in person. There was this guy that had a show in Skopje. He asked somebody from the audience to be a volunteer. Believe it or not he tried to guess the volunteer`s PIN number. And he got it right.

I don’t care if he used tricks, body language or a frickin lie detector… he extracted a PIN number from this poor guy.

So I would say that mind reading is real and mentalists are very good in mind reading.

How does Mentalism work?

Think of it as a sum of extracting information + body language reading + mind manipulation.

In order to master these three elements you need years of practice and some money in order to visit Mentalism courses. They can be online courses, but you still need to pay certain fee to get those courses.

Youtube is a free place to get information about Mentalism. Also, Mentalism blogs like mine (Mentalism Hood) can help you if you want to start practicing this art.

Extracting information

First thing first. You need to get some information from your subject. A good mentalist listens very good.

Then he builds a puzzle in his mind. Many people will tell you a lot of information about themselves.

Derren Brown is known for using this technique.

Body language reading

This is very important. People`s reaction and body language can rarely be faked. You need to follow the signs and get them relaxed. Create an illusion of confidence with your subject. People will more likely trust you if you are confident and steady guy(or girl). It will help you read their body language better.

Mind manipulation

No one does mind manipulation better than Derren Brown.

He is known for bringing a holistic theme to every show that he`s performing. Music and dancing can be a good mind manipulation trick. Doing trick after trick without thinking of the entertainment part, can get you in trouble. People will notice that you are using tricks.

So a got old dancing can save you some trouble and will manipulate people into thinking that they are seeing something supernatural.

Derren is also known for showing his audience parts of the solution of his puzzle. It is a part of his mind manipulation scheme. People will start think that they have the solution. And then, BAM. He does his illusion and people`s mouths are starting to drop to the floor.

A thing to remember is that Mentalism is not a Psychic power and had nothing to do with Clairvoyance.

It as an art of entertaining. Everybody with passion and some free time can learn it. Although it will take some time.

I would recommend for you to first learn Hypnosis or some similar skill. It will help you in better understanding what is Mentalism and how does Mentalism work.

There are a lot of free training courses on the internet. You don`t need to spent a single buck.

Also stage performing can be started at home. Check youtube videos and see how other people are doing it.

So to wrap it up.

Mentalism is a skill that can be learned. It has nothing to do with Clairvoyance and the supernatural.

There are three steps you need to master in order to become a Mentalist.

They are:

Informaton extraction

Body language reading

Mind manipulation

It would be good if you have some knowledge of Hypnosis.

Mentalists are world famous and have a lot of passionate fans. They are like rock stars.

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