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Today we will talk about how do mentalists read minds. Do they have a supernatural powers?

“It is always about perception and following the body language” said Derren Brown once.

Mentalists are performers. They use a vast array of tricks and misdirection to amaze their audience.

Mentalism can be seen as the ability of superior perception and intelligent logical connectivity.

 In other words, if a person is intelligent, intuition can develop by observational patterns, observation, knowledge of matter (psychology, triggers, motives, intrinsic action, action / reaction system in a cognitive sense)

 Mentalism is is the ability to know what a person thinks, feels, or did today, tomorrow or yesterday based on the logical connection of her reactions and behaviors, without saying anything.

 So, how do mentalists read minds?

 In order to answer this question, we will explore some of the world most famous mentalists, and see how they do it.

 Derren Brown

 Derren Brown is a world famous mentalist and a showman. He has won tons of awards trought his career.

Derren Brown foto Wikipedia

 It takes a lot of time and practice to achive and perform some of the tricks Derren Brown does. He follows the body language and reactions of his subjects.

 “I am often dishonest in my techniques … I happily admit to cheating, it’s all part of the game. I hope some of the fun for the viewer comes from not knowing what’s real and what isn’t” – Derren Brown, Tricks of the Mind p341

 He claims there is nothing supernatural in his performing.

 “In the back of my mind I knew that all the things that make mentalism interesting, and all the things that you adore talking about with fellow performers … are all the things that you’re not allowed to talk to the general public about. So you make up some line that isn’t true. But because it’s not essentially true, people will sniff that and know it. Because people do.”

 Guy Bavli

 Guy Bavli is born 24 August, 1971 in Israel. He is world famous mentalist and magician.

Guy Bavli. foto Wikipedia

 He is best known for his apearance in Stan Lee`s Superhumans tv show. In this show, he moves different objects only with the powers of his mind.

 “Although I never claimed to be real or anything, they really pushed me to be a part of this show,” Bavli says.

 “Around the world, the best mentalists out there are Jewish. You know, when you think about it, all the really, really famous performers or even magicians, the most famous ones are Jewish,” he says, citing Harry Houdini, David Copperfield, Uri Geller and David Blaine as just a few examples.

“Why? I think it’s more than a coincidence,” he says. “It’s a mystery.”

Paul Brook

Paul Brook is an English author and mentalist.

Paul Brook. foto Wikipedia

He has a lot of fans, although he is more famous about card tricks than mind reading.

So to conclude. How do mentalists read minds.

Years and years of practice. Following the body language of the subject. Using a lot of missdirecton and confusion of the subject. They do not require any props to do their tricks.

Also very important. Getting trust from the audience. That is what a real showman is aiming at.

Search on the internet for other information on how do Mentalists read minds. Youtube is a great tool if you want to be informed.

Also, there are a lot of forums and blog sites. You can visit a mentalism school but that takes a lot of money and time.

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