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Crystal Children Traits And Identification

Crystal children are born since 1995. Crystal children tend to share a physical trait, and many of them have large, shiny eyes that almost seem to penetrate into your soul.

It may happen that they have eyes of indeterminate color – sometimes they are brown, and sometimes green with an admixture of indigo. Their eyes are deep and hypnotizing.

Crystal children have pure spirit and are very connected with the earth. They love to hug and are natural healers.
They are in accordance with their own energy. They are teachers and facilitators. They came to teach us compassion, tolerance, patience, and tenderness. As babies, they are very sensitive, which makes them mistaken for indigo children.

Sometimes they are “developing late,” which means that they have developed other means of communication. Occasionally, people describe them as “socially strange.”

What is a Star Children

First, it’s important to know that a star child is nothing more than any other child. They have no less chance of being successful, rich or healthier than other children.

Star children simply show certain characteristics that identify them as such. Colors were originally assigned because of the dominant colors that appeared in their aura or energy fields.

Indigo children show a greater dominance of dark blue and purple colors. Crystal children have a clearer, more transparent aura.
It seems that the star children are born in waves – it started with Indigo children.

We wonder if this has always happened and have we always had waves of “different” children that have a certain impact on their generation?
Indigo people began to get children and these babies also seemed a bit different – they were identified as Crystal children.

Crystal child in the dark

Now they are growing up and the third wave that arrives now in the first half of the 21st century are called Rainbow children.
Star children move the acceptance boundaries set by the previous generations. In the end, their properties and characteristics become norm.

Then the next wave arrives and the borders are broken again.

What is a Crystal Children

Crystal children were born between 1995 and 2010. They appear where and when they are needed for the effect of change.

They are very powerful children and their main purpose is to lead us through our evolution, revealing our power and divinity. They function more as a group consciousness than as individuals. They function in the so-called Consciousness of Unity.

They are a powerful force that will bring Love and Peace on Earth.

Crystal children communicate mostly telepathically and it is not at all surprising that some of them start talking only after 4 or 5 years. Parents experience shows that this is not a problem, because they still communicate, by combining telepathy with self-evident sign language, sounds (including singing).

The problem arises when these children are judged by medical or educational staff as children with speech impairment. It is not surprising that a large number of Crystal Children is diagnosed as autistic (*** autism in children).

It is true that Crystal Children are different, but why call these characteristics pathological … out of fear?

If these children communicate successfully at home and parents do not complain about the problem?

The criterion for the diagnosis of autism is that a person lives in his own world and has no desire to communicate with others, this is clear. Crystal Children are completely opposite and very interconnected, communicative, and caring, unlike many previous generations.

They show an incredible degree of goodness and feelings for the world. They are true Empath beings.
These children are worthy of respect, and should not have the label of dysfunctionality.

children in the forest

If someone is dysfunctional, then these are systems that are not adapting to the evolution of the human race! If we embarrass these children with labels or stun them with drugs to subdue them, then we destroy their divine gift. We will destroy civilization before it has been able to create it. Fortunately, there are various positive solutions and opportunities.

How to recognize a Crystal Child

They are primarily recognized by the color of their aura (this is a tip for those who see it) and they are mostly crystal clear or can have a glare of gold, indigo blue, and scarlet color, depending on which air they belong to.

They were born with the skill of approaching Multidimensionality, but they are themselves anchored in the Sixth Dimension, with the possibility of accessing the Ninth, which is otherwise called the full of Christ’s Consciousness, whose vibration will stabilize in 2012 (* surely among Crystals, and among others when the planets and they themselves are ready).

Crystal children are almost always born in a home where they are deeply desired by their parents and where they knew they would be respected and loved. Most often they are children of Indigo parents. An indigo brother or sister is there to maintain energy or “educate” parents about the ways of parenting a Star child.

There are some characteristics that define Crystal children. Generally, they are large babies and their heads are too large for their bodies.

They have very large piercing eyes and are known for “staring” at people for a long time. This can be very disturbing for those who don’t understand these children. While the child does this, he accesses the memory of the soul which is called AKASHA.

Emotionally, they are generally calm and good babies and will be very attached to their mothers. This strong relationship can last until the fourth or fifth year and will look like they are “hiding behind mother’s skirt”.

This is mainly their first incarnation on the planet, and usually, require the stability and security that a mother’s physical presence can provide. They are very loving children and will help another person or an animal when needed.

They are also extremely sensitive. A Crystal child is not only able to read the soul memory but also to “pick up” and feel the unresolved tension and anger that a person can carry on an unconscious level.

This is why they are so sensitive to the environment (* You will notice that the Crystals are hypersensitive to any vibrational irritations. Vibrations in the form of a sound, color, electromagnetic field of space or any pollutants have a disturbing effect on Crystal Children.)

crystal kids playing

They are very sensitive to food and can develop allergies. The parenting of a crystal child is very challenging. Unresolved issues that parents have with their children and any negative emotions can have a toxic effect.

Their parents will have to have the will to work on unresolved problems in their lives in order to provide a stable home for the child.
What is most prominent in Crystal children is the power they radiate.

It is very important that parents learn to deal with them and respect them. Otherwise, their relationship will turn into power struggles, and the parent will lose.

Crystal children do not have the right understanding of fear. They feel as if they are always safe, which can often be scary for parents while their children act foolishly or risky.

Crystal Children Traits

They are usually descendants of Indigo parents
Sentimental-feeling, emotional
Make decisions based on intuition and feeling
They often have allergies and are sensitive
Enjoy solitude
They establish lasting friendships
They are good advisers and brokers
They are often musical
They connect with small children, animals, and vulnerable people
They put comfort in front of fashion
Often they have to leave places with high energy, which are crowded because they feel overwhelmed
They can be gay or bi
They have an affinity for water
They are healers and have a soothing presence
Sometimes they are labeled “socially weird” because they are so introvert and independent.

Special abilities

Crystal children have various “special abilities“, which are derivatives of their multidimensional skills. In addition to reading the energy fields of others, they telepathically communicate with others (parents, for example) and among their group (consciousness).

Since they have a fully open consciousness of the heart chakra, they can transmit information to members of their conscious group. This is also the case with Indigo people, but it is completely developed in Crystal children.

This is the reason that sometimes they do start talking up to the age of five and when they do, the main reason is that they can not communicate with everyone telepathically.

Various psychic powers of these children were noted. One of them is self-healing by a thought process. These abilities are inherent in all human beings, but only the Crystal children know how to use them. They came to teach us about this.

They will teach us how to work from the level of consciousness of the Heart Chakra through the knowledge of unique consciousness and love.

Problems When Parenting A Crystal Child

crystal children parenting

The increase in autism among children on the planet is related to the question of the appearance of Crystal Children. Autistic children are, metaphysically speaking, children who are not completely incarnate in their bodies, but rather choose to hold most of their energy at higher dimensions (vibrations).

Therefore, most of their attention is set on higher vibrations and are not well connected with the physical plan. The usual reasons for this are anxiety and fear when a child decides to make such a choice. And if a large number of gentle Crystals are working on Earth, many of them are so traumatized by the energies they currently dominate, that they decide to stay mostly in the Higher Dimensions.

Autistic children are also teachers of love. Regardless of the nature of their behavior, they are very loving and caring souls.
Their later speech development has already been explained.

For many Crystal kids, it has been said that they are hyperactive or have an Attention Deficit as they get older because there is a very high level of creative energy that is crazing from all of their systems.

Our societies usually do not provide channeling or stimulation for this kind of creativity, while parents struggle to focus this energy on creation rather than destruction.

Crystal children can have powerful angry appearances and are known to be very manipulative. This is because they are quite new to the physical world and feel at ease when adults deny their creativity.

They are powerful creators and will strive to create a reality that is safe and pleasant for her/him. If their reality is not such, the child will look for a way to change it, even if it is an attack by anger, manipulation, or other manifestation of power.

Bellow, I will post some videos as well my favorite audiobook on crystal, indigo and rainbow children.

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Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children: A Guide to the New Generations of Highly Sensitive Young People

Here are some of the reviews on Amazon:

Natalie Weaver:
I am an Indigo adult and I have two highly Crystal children that I am raising and this book has allowed me to understand and accept more of my children’s uniqueness’s that I always just said were who they are and thankful not let society alter my perception. But this book confirmed what I had always suspected that we are unique in our missions and that the children are to be nurtured for the gifts that they possess and not to be made to ignore them or cast them aside. This book has actually brought my children and myself together more than I knew was possible at this stage.

helps so much. She was telling my story…
It helped me relax and be more comfortable with who I am. Alos I do a lot of Spiritual counciling in my practice and will find her words very useful in explaining and suggesting this to the indigo’s…

As someone who reads a lot, I find it relaxing to just listen to audiobooks or CDs every now and then. Listening to this was refreshing.

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