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Clairvoyance is explained in details

In this post we will have Clairvoyance explained. Is it real? Is it possible? How to achive Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is the ability to gain information about some physical location, person or object trought extrasensory perception. Often the people who are Calirvoyant (at least they claim to be) are called the ones who see clearly.

Clairvoyance explained trought history

There has been tons of people trought history who claimed to be Clairvoyant.

A lot of the Christian saints claimed to have this ability. The interesting thing is, this is so accepted in the west. When someone claims that he is Clairvoyant, he gets targeted by the community. There is a lot of skepticism and social stigma. There is a lot of “there is no such thing as Clairvoyance”. Yet these skeptics do believe in clairvoyant saints and people opening sea events.

This ability is not unique for Christianity. There are other religions that embraced Clairvoyance.

Pagan religions had their oracles. Vikings have seers. Whenever they had problem in locating their loved ones, or just wanted to know something more about their future they turned to this seer`s supernatural abilities for help.

Modern era tries to have Clairvoyance explained

In the late 19th and early 20th century we have a boom of psychics and fortune tellers.

At the same time science tried to have Clairvoyance explained. A lot of researchers like Gustav Pagenstecher, Rudolf Tischner, Charles Richet and more were trying to crack the code.

Scientist sees this skill as unproven science and fraud. They claim that you can not predict the future.


The most famous psychic was Nostradamus. He was born December 1503 and died July 1566.

It is said that is the modern pioneer of precognition. He is accredited for seeing the French revolution, the rise of Adolf Hitler, and the terrorist attack on the towers in New York.

The skeptics disagree about Nostradamus precognition. They say he threw random words that people interpreted in their own way. It is up to every individual to judge if Nostradamus`s predictions were true.

It is also known that the Soviet Union were trying to have Clairvoyance explained. They were using tests on a lot of soviet subjects that claimed to have this mystique ability. The US military soon followed and tested on their own subjects. It was a top secret operation and we don’t know how this tests went.

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Clairvoyants can be divided into three types:

Remote viewing – is the ability to see contemporary events and people that cannot be observed with an untrained eye.

Precognition – The ability to see into the future

Retrocognition – The ability to see past events and people

There are some Clairvoyants that can have a vision just by watching a television or talking to somebody.

It is said that this visions can be about the next NBA champion or the next American president.

Then there is the Clairs.

Famous author Emily Matweow divides them into three types:

  • Clairsentience (Clear Feeling): This ability comes from gaining knowledge about a person, object or animal by feeling its vibrations when touching it. Many people get clairsentience and clairvoyance confused, but clairsentient knowledge is only gained by feeling things within the body.
  • Claircognizance (Clear Knowledge): This is the ability to gain knowledge without traditional means of learning said information. This type of clair is often confused with clairvoyance because people with either of these abilities rely on precognition and/or retro-cognition to gain information.
  • Clairaudience (Clear Seeing): Clairaudience individuals have the ability to hear voices or spirits without using traditional hearing methods.

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