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Do you want to learn the basics of mentalism. You are in the right place.

Practicing mentalism takes time. It is not like the magician and the hat.

It takes a lot of time and patience, and most important, strong will if you want to learn the basics of mentalism.

If something is called ‘skill’ then it implies more complex and systematically organized individual or group actions.

This is especially so if we talk about Mentalism or similar skill that is considered more complex than some other (including verbal verbal) skills, such as playing chess.

If you had the opportunity to speak openly to a person who is dealing with a kind of mentalism and is willing to share some more specific information with you then you would first say that there are branches, schools and even the different traditions of mentalism.

Here I will not go into details or I could just list all existing branches, disciplines or branches dealing with this skill but I can point out that both NLP (neural lingual programming) and Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnosis (only the most famous) are actually generated from Oriental and Indo-European doctrines that all implied Mentalism as their essential component.

Mentalism is the most important skill in India used in ayurvedic diagnostics in India, and the doctors first learn to recognize pigmentation in the stomach, corneal observation, general body language and gesture, language color, voice color, and so on.

In many traditions, therefore, mentalism is not called mentalism, and the term itself is skewed in the West in the absence of better or more concrete at the time it originated, but to date it has already created a number of more direct and precise terms for people who deal with some of the skills that fall into the mentalism category.

What are the basics of mentalism


Obviosly you will need the subject to be misdirected during the session, in order to confuse him into beliving something supernatural happened.

Derren Brown is master mentalist and he has used misdirection since the moment he started his rich carrer. Altough he once said that it took him a decade to learn the basics of mentalism.


Knowing your math is also very important. You will find it handy when time comes for some card counting.

Body language

This is a must. Good mentalist can read the signs that the body gives and turn those signs in his own favor. If you watch the tv show Bull, you know what I am talking about.

Dr. Jason Bull is the star of the show I wich he reads the body language of the jurors, judges, witness…

He turns the odds to his favors just by reading body language.

Asking questions

Asking questions to the audience is a good technique to better understand your subjects. Knowing some facts about them like are they married? Do they have a college degree? Can help you in better understanding them .

The show must go on

Obviosly, in order to be mentalist and to successfully perform, you need to be a good showman.

It gets easier these days, with the arrival of social media.

You need to be well dressed. The talking between you and the subjects needs to be at academical level.


This is somehow underrated skill but I think it is very important.

Everybody that knows the basics of mentalism, can tell you that no body will belive in your mentalist powers, if they do not trust you.

Finaly to wrap it up.

You need to spend years perfecting your skills. Well dressed and read. Active on the social media so you can gain momentum. Get that trust from your fans. Show some showmanship. Use misdirection and read the body language of your subjects.

These were the basics of mentalism.

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