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Are Zodiac Signs Accurate And Legit

Are zodiac signs accurate? Is Astrology legit? We will try to find those answers in this post.

Astrology vs Astronomy

Astronomers claim that astrology, and therefore the prediction of astrologers is nothing more than superstition, an unreasonable belief system. On the other hand, astrologers claim that the planetary influence on people cannot be denied.

Astrology is a primary science, whose name consists of the word astro, meaning stars, and logos – science. It deals with astronomical and astrological predictions and was previously reserved only for rulers.
Scientists such as Johan Kepler and Isaac Newton, as well as Galileo, also dealt with astrology. Many mathematicians, physicists, and doctors still practice astrology today and are very respected in their field.

Those who claim that our planetary system has no effect on people, cannot prove it with anything says astrologer Jasminka Holklightner.

Let’s see what skeptics have to say

Astrology is not science, nor will it ever be. Astrology is a superstition, an old system of belief that has almost never changed throughout history.
In particular, they never questioned the fundamental assumption of astrology, which, more than ever, is now apparently wrong and completely unfounded.

In addition, astronomy is not a rebellious branch of astrology as it is shown by some astrologers – said the lecturer of the Society for the Promotion of Science and Critical Thinking in Rijeka, astrophysicist Dario Hrupec, from the Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb.

Are Zodiac Signs Accurate

The word “horoscope” is derived from the Greek word “horoscopes”, which means “watching in time”.

Early astrologers in ancient Babylon based their predictions on the movement of the planets, which were then represented by the action of the five gods-Marduk representing Jupiter, Ishtar who represented Venus, Ninurth which represented Saturn, Nabb which represented Merkur, and Nergel representing Mars in combination with Mesecos, the Son and Shamash, the God of the Sun, whose movements were considered to influence what is happening on Earth.

zodiac signs legit

As knowledge of astronomy and the world evolved, astrology also developed, but the concept of recording planetary motion for the purpose of predicting potential life events is very real.

Personally, I’m an Atheist. I respect every religion and I believe every man or woman should do the same. But I have a question.

How can Astrology and Zodiac signs be bogus, but the opening of the sea by a guy waving his hand be real? Physics don’t allow that.

How can someone die and resurrect after three days? Biology doesn’t allow that.

So you see, its all about believing. If you love Astrology signs and believe that Zodiac signs are legit then its real. If you believe in Christianity and go to church every Sunday, then it’s real.

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My view on Astrology

Astrology is in some ways close to other beliefs that are categorized as “the New Age,” for example, the idea that nothing in life is a pure coincidence. Everything, even the smallest or seemingly insignificant event, happens for some special reason.

Astrology can provide us with at least some of the answers, and sometimes even a way to anticipate various events in advance. In this way, astrology helps people to understand their lives and the world around them. In a way, astrology is legit.

Today, many people who go to Astrologist leave them satisfied and fulfilled: someone dedicates his time and explains to us that we are connected with the whole universe, as some mysterious forces, far “bigger” than ourselves, shape our fates.

This gives us the ability to accept some unexpected situations more easily – believing that we are governed by mystical, all-knowing power. In addition, we get the opportunity to hear fairly flattering and beautiful things about ourselves, which leads to that we feel better and that there is someone who cares about us.

By this principle, we feel connected, both with another person and with the whole world.

Bellow, I will post one of my favorite book on this topic from Amazon.

The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need

Read some of the reviews bellow:

Mia Mcmahon:
The book itself is well written and easy to navigate, packed with lots of helpful info on astrology. I bought it to study up on astrology basics so I can understand more about the subject, so I was challenging myself to read a section a night. Unfortunately for me, I got one of the copies that has the pages all out of order and is missing an entire chunk of pages, which was just replaced by a second printing of the first chunk.

Excellent book. I feel very comfortable with how much I learned. Astrology finally makes sense. I am no longer intimidated by aspects or houses.

Amy Moss:
One of the best astrology books I have ever read. It makes it easy to understand and read everything. And it explains how to do the numerology so you can do it and understand it. Great for a beginner or anyone that’s already experienced in numerology and astrology.

The author of this post is an Engineer and an Atheist.

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